Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch Looking Up

Whether you are a resident or a visitor to Utah, your stay in this great State cannot be complete unless you partake in the popular Delicate Arch Hike. Delicate arch is synonymous with Utah, because it is one of the greatest landmarks in this part of the country. Located in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah, delicate arch is considered one of the most beautiful arches in the world. People come here from various parts of the earth to hike and take pictures of this exciting arch.

Hikers come to Arches National Park all year round. If you want to enjoy hiking in delicate arch, you have to visit when the weather is best. It is not advisable to hike the trail in mid summer afternoons, because this period is always too hot for hikers. It is advisable to come in the summer evenings or summer mornings. If you want to hike in the evening, do not stay here until nightfall, because it is extremely dangerous to hike the trail by night. You can hike during the winter period, hike throughout the day during winter, but you should always study the weather forecast and avoid the trail when the weather becomes too cold.

When you are coming here to hike, you have to come along with your drinking water. There is availability of pit toilets; you have to bear this in mind when setting out for the hiking.

The trailhead of the delicate arch is located at the Wolfe Ranch. It is not difficult to gain access to the trailhead because there are signs displayed at strategic places to guide you. If you are going with your car during the tourist season, you should know that you will most likely not find a parking space for your car. You should be prepared to park along the road.

On your route to the trailhDelicate Arch with Sunead, you will spot the famous Native American Rock. The rock is so attractive that you can spend a few minutes exploring and enjoying it. You can locate this rock through signed spur along the route. The elevation gain as you make your way up to the arch is 480 feet. You will not have any shade on the way. The hiking can be terrible when you do it in the midday, this is why it is recommended that you come early, or you wait until evening. If you want to make it during the midday remember to come along with your hat and sunscreen. Carry water along irrespective of whether you are coming in summer or winter season.

Delicate arch is a wonderful hiking experience. You have to be well prepared for it before you start; it is going to be strenuous. The length of the trail is estimated at three miles. There is no shade to rest in during the hike. You can attempt hiking with your kid, but you must be prepared to carry them before you complete the hike. Some places of interest you can meet as you hike the trail include the Ute Indian Petroglyphs and the Wolfe Ranch Site. You can take memorable pictures at this wonderful site. The Delicate Arch hike is an amazing experience you will never forget in your life.


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